Sunday, August 25, 2013

♥ "Stay Cute" Online Shop ♥

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Hi kittens! So I decided to do a blog post on one of my favorite online shops ever, Tokyo Hardcore! 

Tokyo Hardcore is a website that sells all different kawaii clothes, accessories, toys and plushies, phone accessories and books! 

Stay-Cute is a website dedicated to their line of clothing, called Stay Cute! (duh! ^__^)

This post is going to be filled with lots of cute items you can get from both Tokyo Hardcore, and Stay-Cute, plus my personal opinion on the stores!

I have this sweatshirt, and I get so many compliments! Everyone's always asking me where I got it! I once posted a picture of me in it, and everyone on Tumblr went crazy asking me where it's from! It's super quality and even after so much use, the kitty print on it is perfect and it's so comfy!



I have these! They're super comfy and amazing quality, I love them so much!

(just ordered today! ^__^)

I can't express how much I love Tokyo Hardcore/Stay Cute! I've ordered from here twice, and I've never had a problem. The shipping is quick, and the quality of everything is amazing! I even got two free little black bow hair clips in my package, which was super cute! I recommend this shop to everyone, trust me you'll be more than thrilled with everything you order ♥
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