Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cute Back to School Essentials: Clothes and Accessories

imageHi girls! This is gunna be a huge post on back to school clothes, shoes, and accessories! Feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think! I also have previous posts on backpacks and school supplies! I hope everyone has a wonderful academic year and they look super cute while rocking school!



Pink Hello Kitty Vans

Blue Hello Kitty Vans

Pink Hello Kitty Vans

Cross Platforms

Ballet Flats

Rosette Bun Wrap

Classic Bow Headband

Hello Kitty Tights

Horn Beanie

Cherry Hair Clip

Bow Hairband Set

Machine Gun Tights

Spiked Headband

Heart Suspender Tights

Phone Wallet

Over the Knee Socks

White Frilly Socks

Check out these cute online stores to find more!
American Apparel
Brandy Melville
Forever 21
Tokyo Hardcore

Dr. Martens and boots look cute with frilly socks and over-the-knee socks
You can pair skirts with crop tops and cardigans
Plain old leggings look cute with sweaters on lazy days in the fall/winter
Use a cute little pouch to hold your feminine products, bobby pins, hair ties, makeup, etc. 
You can get cute waves in you hair by putting your hair up into a few buns on the top of your head the night before, dabbing some water on them, and leaving them in overnight!
You can customize your jean jackets, vests, etc. by adding cute patches and pins!

You can also find lots of cute clothing/accessories at local stores! Stores like Target are great (I get my frilly socks and sippy cups from there hehe), and dollar stores usually have cute hair accesseries.
Have fun shopping, and remember to be yourself! Dress the way you want and rock this school year kittens!  WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE AND HAVE CONFIDENCE WEARING IT!
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