Sunday, August 25, 2013

♥ "Stay Cute" Online Shop ♥

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Hi kittens! So I decided to do a blog post on one of my favorite online shops ever, Tokyo Hardcore! 

Tokyo Hardcore is a website that sells all different kawaii clothes, accessories, toys and plushies, phone accessories and books! 

Stay-Cute is a website dedicated to their line of clothing, called Stay Cute! (duh! ^__^)

This post is going to be filled with lots of cute items you can get from both Tokyo Hardcore, and Stay-Cute, plus my personal opinion on the stores!

I have this sweatshirt, and I get so many compliments! Everyone's always asking me where I got it! I once posted a picture of me in it, and everyone on Tumblr went crazy asking me where it's from! It's super quality and even after so much use, the kitty print on it is perfect and it's so comfy!



I have these! They're super comfy and amazing quality, I love them so much!

(just ordered today! ^__^)

I can't express how much I love Tokyo Hardcore/Stay Cute! I've ordered from here twice, and I've never had a problem. The shipping is quick, and the quality of everything is amazing! I even got two free little black bow hair clips in my package, which was super cute! I recommend this shop to everyone, trust me you'll be more than thrilled with everything you order ♥
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♡ How To: Stay Healthy and Fit during the School Year ♡

Okay, so I know that it can be super hard to stay healthy and fit, especially during the school year! This post is going to be on everything you can do to stay healthy and in-shape this school year, while still hitting up the books and rocking all your classes

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 I know that everyone's heard how important it is to eat breakfast, but most people just look past it! Breakfast is super important. It's a quick fix of nutrients that will help you start off your day. It also prevents weight gain by starting off your metabolism. Have a cold glass of water before you have breakfast every morning! This will also help start your metabolism. Without food in the morning it can be tough to concentrate and you'll be super tired. Eating breakfast will give you the boost of energy that you need to stay super focused and rock your school day!

Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas:


More Ideas:
Greek  yogurt with granola (or granola-like cereal)
Bagel-thins with cream cheese or butter
Whole wheat toast with peanut butter 
Kashi cereal 

Here's some breakfast inspiration:

Of course, it's super important to work out on top of eating healthy! Working out will make you physically stronger, and it'll make you feel amazing about yourself! 

Join a sports team such as lacrosse (like me!), cheerleading, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, etc. 

Go for a run once a day, or every other day! Runs are absolutely amazing. You can listen to you ipod, and sweat away all of your stress from school. I go on quick, 25-minute runs everyday after school to help me unwind and get rid of my stress from the day. You can run on a treadmill if you have one, run laps around your house if it's big enough, or run on side streets in your town! It's amazing to run outside in the fall and winter! It's my fave weather for running ^__^

Do yoga! You can do yoga that's so relaxing and simple, you won't be all sweaty and need a shower afterwards! I love doing yoga in the morning . It makes me super relaxed and puts me in such a better mood! The effect that it has on your mind and body is absolutely amazing, and you won't truly understand until you try it yourself! So wake up early, find yoga videos on Youtube, and there you go! You only need to spend about 10-15 minutes doing yoga, and then you can get dressed for school! 

Yoga Mat

 Stay Cute Gym Bag

Nike Running Shoes

It's super important to pack a healthy lunch everyday, so here are some bento and lunch ideas!

Flavor your water! Instead of drinking Gatorade or adding Crystal Lite packs to your water (both are unhealthy!), add sliced fruit for a yummy, natural taste! I love adding lemon to my water!

Use your Tupperware or Chinese food containers to make fruit cups! Don't buy pre-cut fruit bowls because you can save a lot of money just buying all different fruits and cutting them up yourself! The night before, you can make your fruit cups and pack them in your backpack in the morning!

Make yogurt parfait cups! All you need is yogurt, granola, and fruit! 

Here's some bento box inspiration:

Here are some bento and lunch boxes you can buy:

Set of 4 Reusable Lunch Containers

2 Tiered Panda Bento

Eco Lunch Box

Rilakkuma Bento Box

Hello Kitty Bento

I hope this post was able to help you guys out! If you have any questions, ask me here here! Have an awesome school year! 

 ❤ Drink LOTS of water. It's amazing for your health and skin!
❤ Follow some health blogs on Tumblr. Seeing these posts on your dash will keep you motivating. This blog here is my favorite!
❤ Remember that eating healthy and exercising will make you feel better, both physically and mentally!
❤ Don't be discouraged if you don't feel any different after a few days, give yourself a week or two! You'll feel amazing.

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