Saturday, August 17, 2013

♥ Self Defense ♥

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Hi guys! So, I decided to put together a blog post on self-defense because I think it's a really important topic that more people need to be educated on! In this post I'll cover all different topics, and hopefully help you guys out so that you'll be prepared in any situation that you may encounter.

If you can afford to, definitely take classes for self defense! There are a lot of different places that you can go to, where you'll learn basic self-defense and simple street fighting techniques! I know a lot of people think that they don't need to learn things like this, but in reality, you never know if you're going to be put in a situation where you'll need to defend yourself from predators, or any kind of person trying to hurt you. You can take MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), kickboxing, karate, or any martial arts classes usually for pretty cheap at your local gym, which is totally worth it because while you're learning how to defend yourself, and you're also getting a kick butt workout! ^__^

Okay, when I say weapons, I don't mean anything super dangerous or hardcore, just simple things that you can keep in your purse or pockets to help protect you!

I have this keychain and I absolutely love it! It's super cute so it goes right on my lanyard that I keep in my purse and it doesn't stand out! You would use this if you were ever being attacked. Basically your fingers go in the two holes, and you jab the points into your attacker as hard and quick as you can! Although it wont do serious damage, it will cause your attacker pain and take them by surprise, giving you time to escape!

I have this pepper spray as well, and I'm  really happy I bought it! It's $5.45 and I thought that was a really good price considering that the pink leather case is made super well, and this product may be able to save your life! Carrying this around with you will definitely make you feel safe, wherever you are! You only need one hand to operate the spray, and it's effective up to 12 feet! Spray this into your attacker's eyes, and it'll buy you time to escape! REMEMBER: You must be 18 years or older to buy pepper spray! So if you're not, get a parent to buy it for you and remember that every state has different laws regarding pepper spray, so make sure you look into them!

I don't have one of these, but they definitely seem like something worth having! If you're ever in a situation where you're trapped or being attacked, squeeze the button on the devise and a super loud alarm will start going off! This may scare off your attacker, and it'll definitely get the attention of everyone nearby so that you can be helped! It's easy to carry with you when you're on the streets or going on a jog!

 1) Remember that there are unidentified predators around us on a daily basis, so never let your guard down; you'd rather be safe than sorry! Predators can be very nice, charming people. They can even be people you know or trust. They take on these characteristics to gain your trust, that way it's easier for them to kidnap/hurt you. A warning sign is when someone is consistently trying to get you isolated/ alone or away from your friends, family, and other people. When someone acts like this, make sure you have your guard up, because this is a sign that something is seriously wrong! 

2) The person is always trying to touch you, sometimes in sensitive areas, and they play it off like "oops, my bad", but then do it again. This sign should make you seriously alarmed! 

3) REMEBER: A PREDATOR COUNTS ON YOU TO BE QUIET! When they touch you inappropriately or attempt to get you isolated from others, they are counting on you going along with it and keeping quiet, which is why you have to do the exact opposite! Be loud, scream as loud as you can and get others around you to notice! Don't let anyone touch you and put you in ANY situation where you feel uncomfortable and/or threatened! Act on your instincts. If you get the feeling that something is wrong, or something just isn't quite right, it isn't! We were given our instincts for a reason: to help protect us, so don't fight your instincts, trust them! 

4) Never go to the bathroom alone, always go with a friend!

5) If you are in a public area and you feel a constant presence of a person, and you feel as if they are following you around, report it to a manager, adult, local authoritative figure, etc. as soon as possible. If you are alone or in an area where there's no one else, get yourself away and out of the situation as quickly as you can! Keep your distance as far away from the predator and run as fast as you can until you find an adult, a group of people, a store, etc., call 911, and immediately notify someone around you!

6) Don't underestimate predators. Chances are, they know your schedule, where you'll be, and a lot about you because most predators stalk their victims and silently watch and memorize them for weeks or even months before they attack. These predators don't look at you as a human being, they look at you as their prey. Don't think that they have emotions and will show mercy towards you. THESE PEOPLE ONLY HAVE ONE GOAL, AND THAT IS TO HURT YOU!

7) If you suspect anyone close to you as being a predator or a threat to you or anyone around you, notify an adult or an authoritative figure immediately! Protect yourself and the ones you love, take matters into your own hands. Realize that predators don't have to be strangers, they can be people that you know and trust.

A few years ago, while at an amusement park with my family and some family friends, I was put into an uncomfortable position. I was waiting on the line to go onto a roller coaster with my younger sister and her two friends. It was on the line that I became more so aware of the presence of a man than I had earlier. I had noticed him before around the park, but hadn't thought anything of it. I noticed that he was standing right behind us on the line to get on the ride, alone. I got this bad feeling in my stomach, and although he gave me no reason to think something was out of the normal, I just knew that something wasn't right. He gave me a bad feeling and made me uncomfortable, and I wasn't sure why. We had been waiting a really long time on the line, and I knew I couldn't go on the ride. The strange, terrible feeling that I had in my stomach told me that I had to get my sister and her friends out of there. So, I took them off the line and we walked back into the park. He followed. I thought to myself, "This doesn't make sense. He waited on the line to go on the ride for half an hour. Now he's just going to get off and leave? Right when we do?" This was when I was definitely sure that something was wrong. The girls were complaining to me, because they didn't understand why I made them get off the line after waiting so long to go on it. We walked for a little and I turned around only to see the man walking about ten feet behind us. I told the girls to start walking quicker, and I made them walk in front of me so that if he were to grab any of us, it would be me and not them. When we picked up our pace, he did the same. He followed us for over fifteen minutes as we walked all around the park. At that point I knew I had to do something, and I told the girls to go along with what I was about to do. We stopped walking, and I waited until the man was right behind us, when I pointed at a random woman I saw, and said really loud so he could hear, "Look guys, Mom's right there! Hi Mom! Lets go over and say hi to her" and I started waving and smiling like my mom was actually there. I looked back at him to see the look of panic and horror on his face. In an instant, he was gone, like he had never been following us.

So basically, the moral of the story is do what you have to do to protect yourselves and the one's around you! I can't emphasize it enough, if you have the feeling that something is wrong, changes are it is! I acted on my instincts and thankfully i did, because it got myself and the little girls I was with out of a potentially dangerous encounter with a predator!


Speak up, and don't hesitate to defend yourself in ANY situation that you don't feel comfortable in! Stay Safe!


  1. Wow I wish I'd known about the weapons here sooner. Was a victim of assault as a child and now a victim of crime as an adult, both times with sexual elements. Thanks for posting this. ♥

  2. Bookmarked this! This is very, very useful information. I like it!

    Thank you so much for posting this! ♥